Korean Abalone Products

[INQ. NO. 1511C05] Abalone is being loved as healthy seafood by many people in Korea. Rich in protein and taurine but low in fat and calorie content, the abalone has a higher content of essential amino acids, various minerals such as iron, iodine as well as vitamin A.

1Korea Abalone Laboratory, established in 2004 in Naju, South Jeolla province, is engaged in studying all of abalones from around the world and producing a variety of abalone products under with the aim of providing the healthy food for the past 10 years to many more global consumers.

Using abalones that are cultivated in Korea, Korea Abalone Laboratory aims to make and provide a range of processed abalone products that are easy to cook and enjoy anywhere. Based on this goal, the company provides a variety of products including fresh abalone, frozen abalone, dry abalone, steamed abalone, abalone jangjorim (a dish boiled down in soy sauce), abalone porridge, abalone pills, abalone powder and so forth. http://korean-products.com/inquiry

In particular, the dried abalone is produced from fresh abalone, and after washing, steaming and naturally drying.

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