Compact Air Purifier

[INQ. NO. 160] The indoor air quality management may affect one’s health.
Particularly, contaminated air inside can cause allergies and it is also dangerous for children and people with respiratory disease. With growing interest in a healthy living environment, air purifiers have become one of the essential items for a home.
To enhance the living environment, AirVita Corporation, a specialized air purifying manufacturer in Korea, has launched an air purification device, “Airvita Q.” The
compact-sized (125.5(W) x 113(H) x 104.5(D) mm) gadget features not only air purification & sterilization system, but also anion air cleaning function and antivirus function to kill influenza virus (H5N).

In addition, Airvita Q releases more than two million anions1cc, and provides refreshing air as if you are in a fresh-scented forest. What makes the Airvita Q special is the state-of-the-art technology called “AICI (Airvita Ions-Ozone Complex Ionization), which releases sterilization ions and anions in the best ratio to purify air, kill bacteria and remove bad odors.
Anyone can manipulate the Airvita Q with its easy-to-use design. You can just rotate the dial to the left or right depending on the indoor air condition to change the mode. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods