Korean Red Ginseng

[INQ. NO. 1609C10] Jecheon Ginseng http://korean-products.com/inquiryHerb Inc. is a veteran manufacturer and exporter of Korean red ginseng products that can be enjoyed by anyone with ease. With more than 20 years of expertise in the fi eld, the ginseng company has its own factory in South Korea, which produces, processes and exports whole red ginseng, red ginseng processed goods and medicinal herb products under its brand “Cheonsuin.” With several dealers in the United States, the company saw the annual export volume exceed US$800,000 as of 2013. Main export items include Hongsam Jeong (red ginseng concentrate) and Hongsam Jeong-gua (preserved red ginseng in honey)

Hongsam Jeong (red ginseng concentrate)

Efficacy: Enhances the immune system, fatigue recovery, memory improvement, blood circulation improvement, antioxidative activity Volume: 120g, 240g, 120gx3pcsIngredients: Red ginseng concentrate (solid powder 60% or more, total ginsenoside Rg 1 and Rb: 4mg), ginseng roots 70%, ginseng fi ne roots 30%, 100% Korean origin Directions: Add one teaspoonful to 80ml of warm or cool water, stir it and drink it each time, three times daily.

Hongsam Jeong-gua (preserved red ginseng in honey)

There are three diff erent types of products such as original, antler-added jeong-gua and
chocolate-coated Efficacy: enhancing immune system, fatigue recovery, memory
improvement, blood circulation improvement, antioxidative activity Volume: 20g x 8
Ingredients: red ginseng and honey 100% Directions: eat one or two roots whole or sliced.

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