Multi-use Silver Jewelry Pendant Jewelry “Pencharm” & Easy Change Necklace “Tuple” [INQ. NO. 1610C35] OSUN INTERNATIONAL specializes in manufacturing and distributing accessories and gift items, and has recently launched its newly developed and patented necklaces (fashion jewelry) and silver jewelry (multi-purpose pendants) that are easy to replace and to connect the pendant.

201610cc_page_038_09These items are ideal for gifts and will soon be introduced in local and overseas markets. Currently, they are exported to Germany, Japan and China and now they are available in duty free shops in Incheon International Airport.

201610cc_page_038_03And silver jewelry (multi-purpose pendant), the company’s new product is made of silver with patented part on pendant, so it can be connected with various existing chains and rings such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. Furthermore, its dual-locking system prevents loss.

201610cc_page_038_05 The fashion jewelry such as necklaces and mobile phone straps are easy-to-replace pendants and to it is convenient to connect the chain by using its patented unique device.

The one-set package consists of a chain with OSUN’s patented unique part and two types of pendant for gift items. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods