Freeze-dried Stag Blood Capsules[INQ. NO. 1701C18] Stag blood serum contains up to four times more iron than human blood, so it can be taken as an iron supplement from a very natural source. A study at the Sports Science Institute of the University of Korea found that people having taken stag blood showed improved body functions, metabolism and improved physical performance because it helps decrease physical and mental stress.
The stag blood contains up to 94% of protein which may provide essential amino acids to the body to maintain healthy body functions, and helps recovery from exercising and excessive drinking. People may experience fast recovery from tiredness, lack of energy, fatigue and even from hangovers after taking the stag blood capsules. In addition, research found that the stag blood can help increase the secretion of growth hormone when taken by adolescents and reduce the effects of ageing if taken by adults.
201701c__%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_57_01UBBIO Ltd. sources stag (male deer) blood only during deer velvet growing season to ensure the top quality of its product because the stag blood contains more IgF-1 than hind (female deer) blood and up to twice especially during velvet growing season.
Freeze drying of stag blood is a patented process of UBBIO Ltd., and thus only this company has the rights to produce freeze dried stag blood in countries including New Zealand and the USA.
Conventional spray drying process requires a high temperature to dry food resulting in protein denature, however, the patented freeze drying process locks in the composition of food ensuring that all the nutrients are preserved without denature.
This UBBIO Freeze Dried Stag Blood Capsule is highly recommended to those who suffer from a lack of energy, fatigue, anemia, mental stress (students and businesspersons) and even impotency. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods