Natural Mineral Petalite Cookware[INQ. NO. 1704C06] Conventional pots and heat-resistant pots have microscopic cracks that are invisible, so detergent or dishwashing water seeps out of the surface when heated. Therefore, by boiling stew or cooking food in them, one ingests such harmful substances.
VERY WHITE produced by Camel Co Ltd. is a heatresistant pot with zero water absorption, and its white color visually confirms that detergent or foreign matter does notpermeate. Since the base material and the glaze of the pot are fully magnetized, there is no fine air in the substrate layer, and the light is transmitted through it like glass. Very White is made of 100% ceramic material, rather than just a ceramic coating.
VERY WHITE, the world’s first white ceramic heatresistant magnetic pot, is free of micropores since the ceramic body is fully magnetized, thus allowing no water absorption or contamination. And due to the complete magnetization of the ceramic body, it has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the base and glaze. It is also made of heat-resistant ceramic causing no cracks due to the same coefficient of thermal expansion of the base material and glaze.
It is the world’s safest heat-resistant ceramic cookware comprising natural minerals and petalite, a natural highstrength material that is safe to the human body and found in rocks and natural mineral water in Zimbabwe.
This heat-resistant magnetic pot is not uniform in shape and color due to the nature of handmade products. The subtle difference in the color is an indication that it is a one-and-only product in the world. Small bubble marks and dots are not defects but rather the result of what has occurred during the glazing process, thus having nothing to do with the quality of the product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods