Outdoor Wine Glass

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1704C05] BOSOKOREA is a specialized manufacturer of the outdoor wine glasses. Based on internationally patented technology and design registration, BosoKorea has been producing outdoor wine glasses since 2012.
BOSO Outdoor Wine Glass is an eco-friendly new concept wine glass that has been developed to overcome the disadvantages of other wine glasses that are easy to break, inconvenient to carry, and easily contaminated. BOSO Outdoor Wine Glass can be enjoyed easily and hygienically anytime and anywhere.
It is good for outdoor activities, home as well as hotels and restaurants due to safe and sanitary benefits. Clear with excellent light-transparency, BOSO Outdoor Wine Glass is a premium product approved by the Korean Food and Drugs Administration (KFDA). It is made of a hard and scratch-resistant material with excellent durability and has special nesting structure for easy packing and storage.
Thanks to the special design by utilizing permanent magnet, this outdoor wine glass is convenient to store hygienically and carry. The innovative magnetic holder allows fast repositioning without screwing and guarantees fixed tight.

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