High-performance Fabrics “X-AYLON,” “NANO-TOP,” “ANEMO-STOP

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C06] Company Profile: GB TEXTILE specializes in casual & functional wears with enough know-how and constant investment and it devotes its efforts to developing new materials for better service for customer’s demands.
Its major products are for casual & semi – classic fashion business with its special cotton mixed, micro fabric, bonded fabric, elegant full dull and fancy fabrics.
GB TEXTILE also offers breathable fabrics such as surface material made from cotton mix, polyester, nylon and knit as well as stretchable fabrics made with various layers from two layers to the Nano top version including waterproof function up to 20,000 mm (JIS-L1092) and moisture vapor transportation up to 20,000 grams (JIS-L1099)
Main product description: NANO-TOP, developed by GB TEXTILE, is an innovative product using cutting-edge nano-technology and it features special touch and extraordinary durability.
X-AYLON, developed by GB TEXTILE, is a high-performance product with waterproof, breathable, windbreak, durable water repellent and comfortable qualities.
ANEMO-STOP is a soft-shell fabric. The product has good windbreak and breathable performance as well as comfortability.


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