Unique JQD, Embroidery, Silky Aspect

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C11] Company Profile: Alpha Fabric Co., Ltd. has provided up-to-date fabrics and best service for clients through continuous product development and quality improvement since 1988.
Currently, Alpha Fabric is vigorously expanding its market base all over the world.
Particularly, over the past seven years, Alpha Fabric has successfully boosted its brand value as a trusted supplier guaranteeing high quality through local agents in Beijing and Shanghai.
Every season Alpha Fabric conducts thorough market research in the EU and the USA to provide trend-setting products. Based on such research and study, it launches more than 100 new items per season. Moreover, it regularly participates in major intentional exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, New York, etc.
Main product description: Alpha Fabric Co., Ltd. developed a new print on wool ground quality, and it is available now.
Art: LUKA / Finish: DIGITAL PRINT / Minimum: 300 YDS / Sample available

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