New Concept Cosmetics Using Bio-Material[INQ. NO. 1705C73] MICELLKOREA Co., Ltd. manufactures and produces raw materials for cosmetics and microneedle cosmetics and has a large manufacturing plant covering an area of about 1,300m2.
TISHA brand consists of products that have been proven in their efficacy and effectiveness at dermatologies, Oriental medical clinics, and specialty shops.
Mechanism of Phytosilica TISHA AC7
Phytosilica is a crystal and biosynthetic material extracted from plants. It is a new concept technology to overcome the disadvantages of the pre-existing skin reproduction technologies such as MTS. Laser fill, chemical fill, and herb medicine fill that cause skin trauma and infection, and long recovery periods. Phylosilica penetrates into the skin for a day and quickly improves the skin cell’s life cycle that is normally 28 days. It also adjusts the immune system so as to make the skin healthy. The pores of Phytosilica are effective to infiltrate adenosin triphosphate and webtide components into the superficial and basal skin layers.
When applied to the skin, Phytosilica penetrates the upper layers of the epidermis, while activating wound healing effects. The erythema that occurs in this process is an indication of the blood circulation of the skin being improved. It removes necrotic tissue from acne lesions and activates the anti-inflammatory factors necessary for infection healing. It also plays an important role in exposing the blood flow increased by dilating blood vessels to lesions. The improved blood circulation helps eliminate acne scars and pigmentation. In addition, spicules penetrate into the skin facilitating the transdermal delivery to the dermis and helping remove acne-causing factors. As a result, Phytosilica helps break down the dead skin, open clogged pores, reduce bacterial counts and infections, as well as relieve itching caused by benzol peroxides and retinoids.
Dr.TISHA 11 Free is safe for the skin as it does not contain methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMT), methylisothiazolinone (mt), tar, paraben, ethylene oxide, benzophenone, and diaz. And the company’s self-developed low-irritation prescription using extract of shaddock seeds and mugwort makes it good for sensitive skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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