Various Korean Traditional Food Products[INQ. NO. 1706C12] Daedo Food is a traditional food manufacturer, producing diverse product groups for each grade. It produces about 30 kinds of products such as iced noodles, broth, and dumplings. Its products have been recognized for their excellent taste and are supplied to traditional food restaurants, and fine garden restaurants. Since 2006, the company has supplied its own specialty brand of traditional food called “Haegadeuk,” which is processed with carefully selected agricultural products.
Haegadeuk Iced Noodles are very popular when served as fine and chewy noodles in fancy restaurants. The iced noodle set, which is made to suit the discerning palates of Korean diners, is made using only quality raw materials.
Haegadeuk Galbi-tang, or short rib soup, is a variety of guk, or Korean soup, made primarily from beef short ribs along with stewing beef, radish, onions, and other ingredients. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods