Innovative Pharmaceutical Products[INQ. NO. 1707C15] Pharmbio Korea, established in 1999, is an emerging, innovative company specializing in registration, exporting/importing, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative pharmaceutical products in Korea. Pharmbio Korea developed and has provided innovative products in urology, gastroenterology, general surgery, and ob-gyn, among others. Pharmbio Korea has licensed and marketed products in a close collaboration with pharmaceutical companies in many markets such as the Europe, Japan, and Canada, and has exported its patent products to Southeast Asian countries (including Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia), Iraqi, Hong Kong, Peru, United States, etc. to fulfill worldwide medical needs.

Urocitra-K SR tablet, developed for treatment of renal tubular acidosis, hypocituria and uric acid lithiasis, has outstanding effect on remission of urinary stone and is best combination with ESWL. The orange flavor contributes to best compliance. Picolight Powder, pre-colonoscopy preparation, has excellent effect on bowel cleansing in spite of the small volume to administrate. The product is also safe and effective for the elderly andinfants.Endonase-F,preendoscopicpreparationtoremove gastric mucus, is time-saving and improves endoscopic images to find micro lesions. Hemosirox dispersible tablet, developed for treatment of transfusional hemosiderosis, is smaller than originator and easy to administer exact amount of dosage. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods