Functional Seat Cushion

Functional Seat Cushion[INQ. NO. 1802C38] Epworld is a specialized functional product brand launched in 2012 following research and development of seat cushions for over 20 years.
Balance Dr., produced by Epworld, is a functional seat cushion featuring ergonomic technology customized for the human’s body shape. It is a product designed and created to be suitable for all types of people through analyzing form and structure based on anthropometric dimensions.
Adopting a side air-hole for the first time in Korea, Balance Dr. gives a pleasant and fresh feel at all times by maximizing air permeability. In addition, the angle is changed according to the shape of the individual body and it grips the body more stably.
Its acupressure effect of 28 independent 3D bumps has various grip forces according to the angle of the spine and back, thus supporting the body naturally and stably. Furthermore, it allows the user to sit for a long time. The cover for Balance Dr. uses polyester as the main material, used for high-quality lingerie or inner-wear. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods