Organic Non-Refined Sugar

Organic Non-Refined Sugar[INQ. NO. 1803C05] About Food is a food mall that seeks healthy foods with no flour and casein-free GFCF foods. The company has introduced EverCoco Coconut Sweet, a natural organic non-refined sugar.
EverCoco was developed as an alternative to artificial sweeteners, tablets, and refined sugar. Regular sugar is removed with minerals through a purification process, whereas EverCoco is a refined sugar rich in various minerals. Made from the sap of coconut buds grown in a clean area of Indonesia, it provides rich minerals of the coconut flower. Unlike regular sugar with a thick aftertaste, EverCoco features a sweet and savory aftertaste.

organic Sugar
Unrefined sugar not only helps balance blood sugar level but also has the advantage when it comes to mineral content. Natural sugars rich in minerals do not adversely affect our bodies when consumed in the right amounts. However, consuming mineralfree unrefined sugar tends to disturb our body’s internal mineral system.
When cooking foods that require sweetness or drinking coffee or eating plain Greek yogurt, EverCoco Coconut Sweet can be a good alternative to add. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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