Smart Educational Toys

Smart Educational Toys[INQ. NO. 1805C02] Attocube Co., Ltd. is a company that leads new and creative education and play culture for children through IT technology providing services for kindergartens and daycare centers. It runs classes at Hyundai, Lotte, and NC department stores and has signed an MOU with the Korea Kindergarten Association to supply educational contents, and have contracted services to China, Brazil, and other countries.
Attocube consists of nine sets of wooden blocks, totaling ten kinds. A set of nine wooden blocks helps children develop imagination and creativity by materializing 2.3 billion images, including Korean and English alphabets and numbers. In addition, it also helps to build coding-based concepts by creating and expressing various images.
Unlike other products, this eco-friendly wooden block is safe for children when they put it in their mouths and has the advantage of being highly compatible as it is connected to mobile devices. The pattern of the cube can be read by using the camera of a mobile device such as smartphones or tablet PCs. Children can experience a variety of contents and apply them to the cube game through workbooks that offer mobile applications, video contents, and book curriculums. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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