Smart Juicer

Smart Juicer[INQ. NO. 1805C28] WELLRA Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing kitchen appliances for 30 years. Its main products include juicers, breast pumps, and ice shavers that are exported to various parts of the world including the USA, Europe, and China. WELLRA has produced a wide range of products that help identify the needs of consumers with the belief that home cooking is the safest and healthiest food, contributing to the health and wellbeing of life. Based on the technology that considers health a priority, it has led to the research and inventions of products that are appropriate to provide a healthy food culture necessary for modern people under the principle of people’s health first.
We have strengthened our competitiveness with high-quality technology by strengthening the safety and performance of our products with know-how accumulated through the development and production of various health-related household appliances for 30 years and applying them to existing processes. In addition, KC has been certified by UL, CE, CB, CCC and so on.
Twin Gear Slow Juicer, a flagship product of WELLRA, is a household

kitchenware appliance that extracts juice using two gears in mesh grinding the material to make home-made juice fruits and vegetables. Just as the more one chews a vegetable, the deeper and more savory its texture and flavor are felt, Twin Gear Slow Juicer extracts juice as highly nutritional as vegetable fiber.
Equipped with two finely processed stainless steel gears, Twin Gear Slow Juicer makes it easy to extract juice from various materials from the hard-to-juice materials such as wheat sprouts and fiber-rich materials such as kale, carrots, and apples.
The powerful low-speed AC motor reduces the noise of the product and allows the user to extract the juice slowly during operation. Designed for easy and convenient use, it can also produce natural homemade ice cream by using frozen fruits, as well as fruit and vegetable juices. In addition, Twin Gear Slow Juicer has various functions as a peanut butt er maker, meat chopper, coffee grinder, etc. By checking the temperature of the motor and the product, it automatically stops operating when overheating. Twin Gear Slow Juicer has been certified by Korean and international safety standards such as KC, ETL, CE, CB, and RoHS. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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