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Laser Processing System | Korean Products[INQ. NO. 1805M17] SIS Corporation is specialized in automation equipment and TWB mass production, providing automationrelated services in various fields such as automobile, steel & heavy industry, and logistics automation. Major business fields include factory automation (Arc / Spot welding, press automation, Gantry & Carriage system, panorama sunroof assembly automation line etc.), laser welding & cutting, hybrid welding, laser vision inspection, jig & fixture, (AGV / RGV, EMS), steel automation (band cutting, roll transfer, and coil marking system), railway automation (Roof, sidewall, endwall, body assembly etc.). The company is providing its unique technology to clients in various countries.
Since its establishment in 2004, SIS Corporation a specialized company for automation equipment, has developed new system-related technologies that will lead the new millennium in cooperation with advanced foreign companies, progressing to become a manufacturer with world-class competitiveness in terms of technology and quality. This automation system specialist has recently found its way into the world market and is steadily exporting automation systems to countries including India and China.


Tailored Weld Blank (TWB)

Tailored Weld Blank (TWB) is a laser processing system using high-powered laser to weld and cut various car body parts. It is a production method for automobile steel plates in which automobile steel sheets having different thicknesses, strengths, and materials are cut into appropriate sizes and shapes, and then welded by using a laser beam to produce the desired shapes.
It is possible to reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle stability by reducing the total weight of the vehicle by 10%.


Laser Processing System to Manufacture Sidewall for Railway Vehicles

This is a laser processing system to manufacture sidewalls for railway vehicles through repeated laser cutting and welding by using a highpowered laser beam.


Laser Cutting System

It is a system designed to increase space efficiency and minimize work space by integrating all the devices such as laser oscillation parts, optical parts, and robots, thus maximizing the degree of users’ freedom.
It is a laser cutting system to cut various materials available along with newly developed automobile interior materials such as new materials called bioplastics as well as conventional plastics by minimizing changes in conditions. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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