Above-Ground Swimming Pool

http://korean-products.com/inquiryLegacy is an above ground swimming pool that can be set up anywhere on the ground off an existing concrete pool and can be dismantled right away if necessary. Compared to the existing concrete pools, this product is easy to install with installation cost per unit area of about one-tenth, while installation and disassembly is available regardless of location. In particular, Legacy can be stretched up to 50m and can be used for water safety education at schools, kindergartens, churches, etc. as well as a part of a water park.
Established in 1997, LEGACY P & S INC is a manufacturer and exporter of above-ground swimming pools. The quality and technology of its above-ground swimming pools has been recognized by successfully organizing a water festival at the 19,800㎡ outdoor exhibition hall in KINTEX, Ilsan under the theme of “A resort in the city” in 2007.

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