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New-Concept Anti-Aging Cosmetics | Korean Products

August 10, 2018

New-Concept Anti-Aging Cosmetics[INQ. NO. 1808C03] MiracleTox is a home skincare program to rejuvenate the skin’s natural vitality as the Micro-Spear® ingredient stimulates the skin while providing rich and nutritious energy to the skin. This anti-aging home skincare cosmetic helps strengthen the skin barrier through five peptides and marine protein capsules to solve complex skin problems that may appear as one ages. This product has pioneered the anti-aging skincare market and recorded KR􀀀 27 billion in sales to date.
The Micro-Spear® is a core ingredient developed by Beauren Korea Inc. Created through long years of research by biotechnologists and combined with Beauren Korea’s expertise, it is a key ingredient for anti-aging that helps in activating skin cells as the micro-sized spicule stimulates the skin.
Founded in 2014, Beauren Korea Inc. specializes in manufacturing high-functional cosmetics. It is devoted to developing special ingredients to prevent skin aging based on the unlimited potential of biotechnology. Its products are currently exported to 11 countries including the United States, Russia, Canada, China, and Japan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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