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Eco-friendly Care Mat | Korean Products

October 18, 2018

Eco-friendly Care Mat[INQ. NO. 1807M12] Due to global climate change and rapid industrial development, our surroundings are exposed to harmful environmental substances. Particularly in South Korea, we need to pay special attention as our health can be damaged by harmful substances, such as yellow dust, fine dust, smog from China, super viruses, murder mites, fine dust of heavy metal, carcinogens including radon that can enter our bodies through the mouth or be brought into buildings from outside by contaminated shoes or clothes.
In this context, U-CARETECH Co. is capturing the limelight in the industry by recently having introduced a breakthrough, the new-concept and eco-friendly ‘U-Care Mat’ in order to block harmful substances at the source and improve the harmful environment.
U-Care Mat is an innovative product that can prevent various harmful substances from entering through the entrance door. Unlike conventional mats, when human access is detected through a photo sensor, the motor installed in the mat is operated and a hole is opened in the part on which the user steps and sucks in the air around the bottom part of shoes, etc. Then, this product collects fine dusts and harmful substances through the filter in the control box and sterilizes them with ultraviolet rays.
U-Care Mat, having obtained KC Certification for the first time in the industry, is strong and durable (the triple structure of upper, middle and bottom plate), and the mat height for it is low and the edge slope is gentle. This product is manufactured with user safety as a top priority.
In particular, in order to reduce noise drastically and to maximize the suction power of the mat bottom, we maximized the suction efficiency by minimizing the contact area of the mat’s upper plate (completed the design registration in 2014). In order to minimize the residues of the top plate and give a neat finishing touch, we injection-molded the end tip of the hose, thus making the hose connected easily and conveniently.
Especially, for protection against an emergency such as a fire, U-CARETECH applied the luminescence line to the ball of the top plate for emergency induction in dark conditions. (Currently the only such product in Korea) Because of the ball characteristics of the mat, static may occur. By using the ball containing antistatic agent, U-Care Tech has considered the consumer’s health as a top priority.
This product consists of a control box and mat. The mat sizes come in five basic types and two directional types range from 600 to 1,000mm and additional orders are available. Especially, the U-Care Mat has the highest efficiency because it exerts strong suction force even to the corner of the maximum size.
U-Care Tech is in the process of launching the mat for family use in addition to commercial mats currently on sale and is leading the technology-intensive global care industry with high technological prospects and growth potential. Jae-un Shin, president of U-Care Tech remarked, “The environmental problem of air pollution will be more serious in the future. We will introduce only the best products leading to solutions of environmental problems through continuous research and development.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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