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October 26, 2018

Auto Parts has since its establishment in 2010 been supplying top-quality auto parts that are previously applied to Koran auto makers – Hyundai and Kia, SSangYong, and GM Daewoo – to overseas markets to be used at repairing cars.
D&S is handling only the product that the buyers can trust. It will make further utmost efforts to move more closely to the hearts of customers. D&S proudly ensures competitive prices, fast delivery, safety packing, technical support, follow-up customer order, and full assistance.
The current hottest items include bushing, hose, lower arm, stabilizer link, rack end, oil seal, bearing, filter, sensor, shock absorber, brake pad, ball joint, tie rod end, and engine mounting. D&S supplies an OEM parts, genuine parts, and OEM parts &non-genuine parts.
D&S used to sell new product only before, but now it adds secondhand or recycled parts to product sale in order to secure various customer levels.
For secondhand or recycled items, the company is preferentially selling engine & transmission assy, alternators, starters, steering gear, various lamps, calipers, compressors, constant velocity joints, turbo chargers, injectors, high pressure pumps, side mirrors, front bumpers, and rear bumpers, and plan to add further items in future.
Also, D&S is now in discussion with relevant companies about the export of used cars.
D&S promotes itself by participating in automobile component exhibitions once or twice per year including the 2015 Teheran Exhibition and the 2016 Moscow Exhibition. For this year, it has no specific plans thus far, but plan to participate in automobile components exhibitions in India, Moscow, Dubai, and Shanghai in 2019. It may also participate in Malaysian and Laotian market pioneer teams that will be held in the second half of this year. D&S puts top priority for its customer’s needs and benefits. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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