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Auto Parts

D&S has since its establishment in 2010 been supplying top-quality auto parts that are previously applied to Koran auto makers – Hyundai and Kia, SSangYong, and GM Daewoo – to overseas markets to be used at repairing cars.
D&S is handling only the product that the buyers can trust. It will make further utmost efforts to

Automobile Parts

PKFC was initially established in 1999 under the name of Pyeonggang Precision. As a leader in the auto parts industry, PKFC manufactures various kinds of automobile parts by using a press production line, a multi-forming production line, an MCT processing line, and an assembly production

Quality Auto Parts

    A car looks very simple outside; please do not be fooled by its deceiving look. In fact, it is all about over thousands of complex components inside. All of them work together in harmony for pleasurable driving experiences…