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Stroller Storage Box | Korean Products

January 25, 2019

Link-Organizer is a new concept stroller storage box to store necessary items together. By using the cradle included in the package one can arrange items such as cup holders and bag hooks in the desired form according to one’s needs.
Unlike other counterparts, Link-Organizer is made of plastic and double layered silicone, which makes it easy to store and protect the product. It can be easily attached and removed to and from the stroller and can be mounted on the back of a car seat. This product will greatly reduce the time and effort required to load a stroller on the vehicle.
Even when the baby grows out of using a stroller, Link-Organizer can be used mounted on the rear of the car seat as car storage.
CUZ was founded with the aim to provide stylish parenting lifestyles by producing products that satisfy the tastes and convenience of adult parents, who are practical users of child care products. Formally a fashion brand, CUZ pursues to offer its own design identity and sensitivity to mothers and fathers with a baby. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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