Mask Pack & Neck Cream

ShiningCode Aminopuru Mask Pack is made of thick microfiber facial mask sheet and thus features excellent adhesion and absorbency. It is made by using 17 kinds of amino acids and patented ingredients as well as natural fragrance.
Using cuprolactate with excellent liquid-absorbing and lyophobic properties, ShiningCode Amino Pour Eye Mask has excellent adhesion. It contains Carnosine that helps prevent skin aging, and Adenosine, a functional wrinkle-improving ingredient. In addition, the sheet with differentiated design wraps the eyes entirely.

ShiningCode Amino Pull Neck Cream is formulated with light, clear gel cream formulations easily absorbed into the thin skin of the neck. It contains brown algae extract that improves the skin elasticity and amino acid complex to provide the skin with nutrients.
Taeyangcos was founded in 2016 and manufactures and sells cosmetics under the brand name ShiningCode, producing reasonable and safe products for consumers by avoiding excessive packaging or using unnecessary irritating chemicals. Its main products include functional mask packs and eye masks, as well as neck cream, sun cream, cleansing balm, hand & foot mask and skin care products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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