Dried Fish


As pollack is dried, the amount of protein is doubled to 70%, with fat content about 2%, which makes the fish a high-protein, low-fat health food. It has little cholesterol and high nutritional value.

And it activates the metabolism of the bodily organs, protecting the tired liver, keeping the head dry, and it is rich in amino acids such as methionine, which prevents various diseases caused by contaminant ingestion by modern people.
Dried & Shredded Alaska Pollack is made by using only the lean portions of dried pollack. It is excellent for soups, and as a side dish or a snack.
Dried Alaska Pollack Powder is a high-quality natural food supplement which is made by using only the lean portion of dried Pollack through exclusive know-how, to preserve its texture and flavor.

Dried Alaska Pollack Powder is also widely used as a snack for pets. It is the best natural food adjuvant containing no additives that go well with any food.
Daegwallyeong Nunmaeul Hwangtae was established in 2011 and has been producing clean and delicious dried pollack directly from Daegwanryeong, a clean coastal area in Korea.

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