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May 17, 2019

FOAMZERO is a product designed for both inhibiting antifoam and modifying the formation of foam. This silicone-based antifoam, non-silicone defoamer – using mineral oil, fatty alcohol and hydrophobic materials that are used for formulation and processing aid in chemical manufacturing.
The silicone antifoam can be used as compound and emulsion, which is suitable for both aqueous and nonaqueous systems. It is available for a wide range of applications in various industries around the world. The fatty alcohol defoamer is an effective non-silicone type product that is extremely effective in controlling foaming and various industries.

Made by using mineral oil and hydrophobic materials, the mineral oil based defoamer can be applied to various fields such as synthetics resin, paint, and dyeing, which require high temperature, high pressure, and high alkalinity.
OTAS is an environmentally-friendly detergent made from organic material specially formulated for babies’ clothing.
Since its founding in 1988, Blue Mount Technology Co., Ltd. has maintained a mission statement to provide benefits both to humans and the environment. The company produces high-quality antifoaming agents, silicone emulsion products, industrial materials, and household goods through accumulated experience and innovative technology. In particular, various laundry detergents manufactured by automated NTD have been supplied to a number of companies. Blue Mount Technology is currently offering reliable and safe non-fluorescent detergents by establishing NF-Line exclusive facilities designed for producing environment-friendly products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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