Fashionable Outdoor Products

Baviroy Tarp serves as a shelter for outdoor activities. Made of TASLAN 330D fabric, it is lightweight and excellent in windproof and waterproof effects, and it can also be a safe shelter in bad weather by applying UV protection, water repellency, waterproofing and white pigment coating, etc.
Unlike other counterparts, Baviroy Tarp offers a more stylish outdoor environment by applying exclusive graphic designs created by the delicate touch of professional designers. Its vivid colors and pattern designs offer a unique feel.
Using eco-printing, it features deep color and is environmentally-friendly and harmless to the human body by using hydrophilic pigment printing and no harmful substances.
Established in 2009, DS.m Company specializes in planning, developing, manufacturing, and designing new types of products, manufacturing various outdoor specialty items. Its high-quality products are leading the trends of the camping and outdoor products markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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