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June 14, 2019

Luminus LM Slick, an innovative ceramic coating, protects a vehicle’s surfaces by forming a semi-permanent 9H coated layer with excellent slick feeling on the surface, so it improves the stain resistance of the car and does not easily be removed even after repeated vehicle washing. The super water-repellent coating gives excellent gloss, preventing contamination of the vehicle and allowing one to easily manage the vehicle.
LS Leather is a leather coating that has acquired the LOHAS mark, a Korean certification for eco-friendly products. It penetrates deeply into the leather surface, forming a breathable water-repellent coating film.

This eco-friendly leather coating with a purity of more than 90% of silica has a thick film formation to restore the original color and has strong durability. It prevents penetration of liquids and contaminants into the leather and provides excellent performance for restoring the primary color and protecting the leather through thick film formation.
Black Armor, a trim coating, contains silica active nanoparticles and high-performance wax components, providing excellent water repellency and stain resistance by combining with the molecular structure of exterior plastic trim, vinyl and rubber. Featuring strong adhesion and durability, this product does not come off easily while driving.
Luminus Korea manufactures all kinds of products such as foam wash, car wash, glass coating, ceramics coating, wax, and care agent, leading the industry with differentiated design, superior product quality and performances, and advanced packing. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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