Mountain Ginseng Products

Mountain Ginseng 101 Extract Premium is made from specially selected high-quality Korean wild ginseng, by cultivating and harvesting natural wild ginseng, and concentrating the extract. Unlike general concentrated extracts, it is extracted only twice to increase the solid content (80 Brix) in the extract and minimize the components such as starch.
Utilizing superior life science technology, it has a very high saponin content (220mg, or more). Genetically similar to 99% wild ginseng, it is a clean, sterile-free, heavy metal product in a pollution-free environment.

Mountain Ginseng 101 Culture Root Powder is a 100% powder product of dried ginseng cultivating muscle which is made by processing specially dried ginseng cultivation roots. It is manufactured with specialized technology and has a very high content of saponin.
Cheonyeonjisim Mountain Ginseng Culture Root Liquid is a product in traditional liquid form that helps middle-aged and elderly persons to recover from fatigue and provides nourishment. It is made by using clean sterile-cultured wild ginseng used as a raw material in a pollution-free environment.
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