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June 21, 2019

Founded in 2002, J.D.S.Basics produces promotional image designs for individuals and businesses, and promotional products such as ties, scarves, bags, organic clothes, and Christmas products.
Focused on patterns and colors, its pioneering products reflect the images of individuals and enterprises equipped with haute couture designs in harmony with seasons suitable for promoting public relations of the municipal government. The accessory items including belts, buckles, key-holders, loops for mobile phones are designed to reflect the love for organizations.

Its products include textiles such as neckties, scarf bearing patterns, accessories with mini and large crafts, and environment-friendly items such as benches, garbage cans, streetlights with local specialties as the main concepts.
J.D.S.Basics has supplied leather belts and wallets bearing the World-cup emblem to the Chungbuk-do government, and developed leather belts and wallets for Jinro Industrial Co., Ltd., produced an imitation Gayaeum, a memorial item of the Ureuk-dang Hall of Chungju, that is designated as a prize for the 31st Ureuk Culture Festival of Chungju., and the promotional apple necktie and scarf for the Chungju International Martial Arts Festival. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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