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Tasty Scorched Rice Chips | Korean Products

June 24, 2019

Made from 100% Korean fresh rice, Mom Instant Nurungji is a perfect snack for children, students, and elderly people, and can also be enjoyed as a decent breakfast, while also being effective for hangovers, and as food for patients, as well as a snack for hiking and fishing. Each package comes in small quantities, so it can be enjoyed as a substitute for meals or snacks conveniently for outside activities. It is good for dieting and is a perfect meal for busy city dwellers.
Consisting of three kinds of non-glutinous rice, red mold rice, and a mixture of five grains, Mom Instant Nurungji can be enjoyed to one’s

liking. It is especially good for convenient nutrition for travel and outdoor activities.

It can be eaten easily and conveniently just by pouring hot water into the pouch and a nice food substitute full of nutrients is ready within three to five minutes. Made of 100% domestic ingredients, Mom Instant Nurungji includes a set of spoon and chopsticks in the package.
GLMORE develops scorched rice products using eco-friendly ingredients and produces custom foods suitable for the well-being trend for good health of all family members with the mindset of a mother using rice only produced in Korea (Chungcheongbuk-do). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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