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July 11, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1907C20] Rose Blanche Intensive Soothing Serum is a highly concentrated serum containing 2% of the purified white powdery active fraction. It is made by using patented technology for skin whitening, wrinkle improvement, atopy relief, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, and brain protection efficacy through ingredients found in active fractions of white centrum.
Rose Blanche cosmetics are bio-functional and made from carefully selected ingredients from only two rare rosewood varieties out of 30,000 and a unique combination of high-quality raw materials.

Designed Cells is a bio-venture company based in the College of Veterinary Medicine in Chungbuk National University, and has been actively analyzing the effects of chemical and toxic drugs as well as stem cells with the support of the Korean government. The company has developed stem cells with unique cognitive function genes to treat intractable disease, patented in six advanced countries, and has also developed stem cells for cosmetics.
Keeping pace with the super-aging society, Designed Cells seeks to take the lead in global technology for well-aging and to become a bio platform that encompasses not only core drugs but also the health and beauty industry.

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