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July 16, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1907C23] Livestock around the world suffer from many diseases and are exposed to pollutants such as various antibiotics, while consumers’ demand for clean and safe food is increasing day by day.
Immune Presto is a new concept feed supplement formulated for immune enhancer of swine, poultry, ruminant and pets to enable better nutrient utilization, resulting in more high-quality meat, eggs or milk with lower total costs. It was developed through joint research by AT Immune and STR Biotech Co., Ltd. specializing in R&D of immune enhancing substances.

To improve the immune activation, Immune Presto uses the bioconversion technology to help the livestock prevent, recover from viral disease, and maximize the vaccine effect as well as minimize the side effects of vaccines. In particular, AT Immune Milk Replacer and AT Immune 4-Weeks Creep Feed are formulated with advanced immune enhancing technology.
It is a great help to farmers with worries due to the significant increase in the number of live born piglets, and who are eager to raise heavier piglets and improve piglet uniformity.
Established in 1999 for clean and safe food supply and social contribution, AT Immune is a global company specializing in immuno-functional feed, immunity additives, and compounding consulting. The company has developed a series of immune function feeds and immunoadjuvants based on it. In addition, the world’s best compounding technology has been proven by numerous farms.

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