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July 30, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1907C30] Xiee-Bong is a combination of collagen and biodegradable resins. This 100% natural material allows natural

decomposition, generating no microplastic particles. It is designed to dispose food garbage into landfills or into the bins for the waste food is completely decomposed within 180 days. In particular, the outside printing of the bag uses non-toxic soy ink to cause no harmful substances to enter the human body.
Although Xiee-Bong maintains its form for one to two years at room temperature, it will dissolve within 90 days when in contact with saliva or water. In the case of landfills, the

decomposition period is within 30 days, maximizing the eco-friendly effect.
Having obtained EL724, a domestic eco-friendly certification, Xiee-Bong is exported to Japan, North America and Taiwan.
Founded in 2018, Tom’s is a company that develops and manufactures environment-friendly collagen garbage bags and eco-friendly screens using lagen and biodegradable resin, which can be a perfect substitute for plastics and vinyl, materials that are recently regarded as a major cause of environmental pollution.
In addition, Tom’s also produces environmentally friendly vinyl gloves and non-woven fabrics used for sinks. Made of corn starch, eco-friendly non-woven fabrics are expected to replace PET bottles and conventional nonwoven fabrics for farming in the future. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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