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August 29, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1907C22] LEAHUE MadhucaTM Shampoo & Tonic are a composition for the treatment of hair loss containing a biosurfactant derived from seed oil of natural plants developed by researchers of LEAHUE through numerous studies, having proved its excellent efficacy through cell experiments and clinical tests. This product is the world’s first solution for hair loss treatment developed with LEAHUE’s unique biotechnology.
With natural extracts such as the madhuca longifolia fruit seed oil that is naturally grown deep in the mountains, as well as coconut oil, Raspberry Ketone, palm oil, and tangerine peel, as well as ingredients

of vitamin B5 derivatives (Panthenol), vitamin B complex (niacinamide), etc., MadhucaTM protects the scalp from external harmful environment and provides energy and strength to the hair. In addition, it is a safe product with none of the 28 harmful components such as MIT, CMIT and Parabens added to nor detected.
Since its establishment in 2015, Bio-interchange Co., Ltd. has been researching and developing hair-growth enhancer, cosmetics, mouth disease remedy, and atopic dermatitis enhancer using innovative and advanced science and technology. The raison dêtre of the company is to improve the beauty and health of humankind, and it is preparing to make a leap to become a global company. The company strives to become a company fulfilling its social responsibilities through human-centered management by considering the clean natural environment, as well as aiming to be the best in all fields based on professionalism-focused trust for global growth. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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