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August 30, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1908C12] TALSAN-Q is more stable than other products by applying an additional sheet of paper on the inner side of the oxygen absorbent, and as it can withstand high temperatures, this product is more convenient to work with because the oxygen absorbent does not explode even when sterilizing with the oxygen absorbent in it.
Among the products, the self-reactive product, having moisture in the oxygen absorbent itself, reacting from the time of contacting the air in the atmosphere, is applicable to all products regardless of the packaging method.

Self-reactive products for spirits are similar to the general self-reactive oxygen absorber, but it is specialized for the factories which go through the spirits process like that of rice cake and noodle. This product has been subjected to the durability treatment that is more resistant to the spirit penetration than the general self-reactive deoxidizer is. (Air exposure time: up to 1 hour)
The water-dependent product, unlike the self-reactive oxygen absorber, is used in the product with a high moisture content and is mainly used for the product with a moisture content of 25% (AW0.8) or higher. As it only reacts with water, the air exposure time of the product is longer than that of the self-reactive type product, thereby usually being used in the automatic packaging line.

HST Co., Ltd., established in 2003, manufactures and sells in the domestic market the oxygen absorber, gas absorbent, ethylene gas absorbent, water absorbent, etc. that protect products such as food, medicine and electronics from oxygen and moisture.

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