Handmade Diffusers


[INQ. NO. 1908C15] Meaning “pure love” in the language of flowers, Misty Blue is a handmade diffuser using preserved flowers that can harmonize with various interiors.
Meaning “pure mind,” ”success of love” in the language of flowers, Gypsophila makes a great gift for one’s loved ones.
Meaning “fascination,” ”unchanging love” in the language of flowers, Globe Amaranth is a nice token of respect or gratitude.
Featuring no discoloration, no irritability, no pollen, it does not require water and has the durability of up to five years. The product’s

fragrance types include Fresh Love, Black Cherry, Muscat, Grapefruit, and Garden Sweet Pea.
Healing Plus specializes in processing flowers and using them to produce soaps, diffusers, aromas and bath products that are cheaper and offer better quality compared to similar products. All its products are handmade by experts in Cheong-ju in Korea.

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