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November 22, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1912C15] Feelxo 5-Day All-In-One Skincare is a step-by-step mask pack that starts from the basic skincare of removing blackheads with a charcoal nose pack on the first day and is followed by intensely controlling pores, moisturizing, nourishing and brightening the skin and improving the skin’s suppleness. This mask pack maximizes efficiency in improving the skin by providing to the skin essential nutrients, rather than just a single ingredient, for five days.
Day 1 is a charcoal nose pack that contains activated carbon dedicated to the removal of blackheads.
Day 2 consists of a sheet that contains charcoal substances (hard charcoal) as well and lotus essence dedicated to toning down the skin texture.

Day 3 consists of rose essence that is full of various vitamins to intensely moisturize the skin after controlling pores and a sheet that contains coconut gel (bio-cellulose) to further enhance the penetrability of the essence.
Day 4 consists of camellia essence to intensely supply nutrients to the moisturized skin, cream-type essence to maximize the absorption rate and a microfiber sheet to further improve the efficiency in delivering the essence.
Day 5 consists of marigold extracts to reinforce the skin barrier and serum-type essence and a microfiber sheet to further improve the penetrability of the skin.
As it does not use cheap sheets easily purchased on the market, the mask pack has strong adhesion to maximize the absorption rate. Each of the essence types optimized to each of the sheets boasts higher penetrability.
The mask pack is being sold through a number of online markets and home shopping channels including NAVER, MARKET, AUCTION, Wemakeprice, CJ Mall, GSSHOP and others and is being exported to the USA, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, etc. Furthermore, all of the products are registered with the U.S. FDA OTC DRUG.

Established in 2016, Feelxo is a professional company that manufactures and sells cosmetic products. The company is striving to establish its own brand by including various natural flower extracts as the main ingredients, designing all of its mask packs and other products based on features of flowers and utilizing such ingredients. At present, the company’s products are frequently aired on GS Home Shopping in Korea and are scheduled to be presented in Nordstrom in the USA. In addition, the company is actively exporting its products to Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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