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July 6, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2006C21] ABH+ SNUCURE Trouble Kit is a problem-free solution consisting of essence and spot, which prevents problem-producing elements on sensitive and problem skin and promotes healthy and clean skin.
SNUCURE Trouble Kit is a product designed to intensively manage skin problems that occur abruptly. Containing salicylic acid, it takes care of the wastes accumulated in the pores, and removes problem-causing factors. It also contains Cutellaria Baicalensis root extract, gently caring for any sensitive reactions.

abh + SNUATO Cream forms a firm moisturizing barrier on a baby’s soft skin, thus strengthening the skin barrier. Containing ABH Sugar, a proprietary patented ingredient, it provides essential nutrients to skin that becomes easily sensitive and dry, and cares for skin problems with rich moisture.
SNUCURE Re:covery Toner rapidly replenishes the stressed-out skin from external and harmful factors, while preventing moisture from leaking out of the skin barrier.

The self-developed technology, which is essential for building up the skin barrier to prevent moisture evaporation. In addition, it contains Panthenol that helps to soothe the skin and improve the skin barrier, Tocopherol that helps moisturization and maintain ingredients, and BIFIDA Ferment Lysate that improves skin vitality and prevents hypersensitivity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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