Board Games

[INQ. NO. 2007C15] Will You Marry Me, a board game based on the story of Will and Marry, a popular webtoon on Naver Webtoon. The producer had struggled with expressing how the two characters grew close to each other in a strategic and secretive way, and eventually found the answer in Xequeo, a German board game master Alex Randolph.
Not only borrowing the rules of the game, it has been transformed for up to four players to enjoy, with the consent of the copyrights on both sides.
Spicy, developed in partnership with UBO FUN&LERAN and Heidel Bear in 2020, is a game featuring the tiger, a symbolic animal in Asia that eats horseradish, and peppers, which are the representative spices of the Orient. One can become a winner by removing all of one’s own cards by deceiving one’s opponents.
Spicy is already a big hit in Europe and has even been nominated for a Spiel des Jahres award. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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