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October 16, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2010C25] Lupine Galenic Eyelash Tonic & Essence contains peptide with a great effect on the recovery and regeneration of damaged hair and in restoring the health of eyelashes with lost strength after frequent eyelash extension and exposure to harmful external environments.
LUPINE Eyelash Essence provides highly concentrated nutrients to the eyelashes while minimizing skin irritation through the

ingredients of the raw Saengmodan (生毛丹) complex extracted from 11 kinds of herbal medicines such as gojija and gosam root that help hair growth.
LUPINE Moisture Finger-Off Hand Pack & Foot Pack contains a moisturizing essence and more than 20 herbal ingredients such as black sesame extract and golden extract that are optimized for the skin to smooth and moisturize dry and rough skin.
Lupine Nail Multi Sterilizer MK-1000 is a new-style multi sterilizer for nail tools that can easily sterilize nail nippers, pushers and drill bits at home or in the shop.
Lupine Gel Nail Sticker can be freely attached and detached, while having over 100 different designs. Made using a gel nail, it has a longer-lasting and gel-like luster compared to the existing polishes in the market.
Lupine Rubbing Foot Callus Remover Kit consists of a softener, patch, double-sided scraper and heel balm.

Lupine Gel Nail Polish is a gel polish made using only ingredients registered in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (ICID), which is safe for the human body, and reduces damage to nails to a minimum.
Lupine Perfumed Curticle Oil Pen is a soft, fine brush-type oil pen that users can carry or store in a handbag, general bag, desk drawers, etc., and easily cares for dry fingertips or cuticles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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