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October 21, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C25] Wellabel Molding is a frame used for the ceiling of a well, and it can reduce the construction time by two to three hours as it allows lighting work after molding without woodworking, painting, or filming.
The lighting angle is designed to be 135 degrees instead of 90, so sufficient illumination and safe installation can be secured. In addition, it has solved the problem of cracking or dehiscence due to shrinkage and expansion, which are the disadvantages of woodworking. Made of flame-retardant PVC, it makes the ceiling look higher and conveys a feeling of openness after construction.
Roate Molding is a product that can be installed anywhere there is a ceiling and a wall. When installed in a bedroom, it creates a soft atmosphere without glare. It can be installed horizontally, vertically, and on any desired surface, with the direction in which the light comes out adjusted between the top, bottom, top and bottom.

Indirect Molding

Made of flame-retardant PVC, it can be installed without woodworking, filming, or painting.

Indirect Molding
MI JU is a manufacturer of indirect moldings for well ceilings and wall lightings. It has developed and commercialized products using long-accumulated interior experience and technology, and holds five domestic-related patents, and was selected as a venture company. MI JU is establishing itself as a leader in indirect lighting molding by developing a variety of products to protect eyesight, as well as being equipped with interior effects.

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