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October 21, 2022[INQ. NO. 2210C28] Avira Stones Soap is made using 100,000 ppm of high-quality bentonite and zeolite mined in the self-operated mines.


Bentonite and zeolite have excellent absorption and adsorption properties, so they are excellent for pore care by removing sebum and dead skin cells. Coconut oil-based rich foam and excellent moisturizing power protect the skin barrier.



AbertiSoothing Solution Modeling Pack, a type of premium bentonite made in Korea, removes sebum and waste from the skin’s surface and soothes sensitive skin with the herbal extracts contained.


It lowers the temperature of the skin, reducing redness and cooling it.



It adheres tightly and softly to the face and can be easily removed without leaving the skin dry or irritated.


AVIRA Co., Ltd., established in 2011, runs mines in Gampo, Gyeongju, South Korea, and produces soap, cosmetics, and mineral raw materials using self-mined bentonite and zeolite.


The company has launched soaps and cosmetics using mineral raw materials, and in consideration of the rapidly changing trends, it produces the highest-quality products to maximize customer satisfaction.
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