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February 20, 2023 Patch
[INQ. NO. 2301C04] Snp Gold Collagen Eye Patch, the best-selling eye patches, contain adenosine, which helps plump up wrinkles and provides nutrition, and improves skin elasticity around the eyes. Over 2.5 million units have been sold worldwide, and the product continues to rank 1st in all major e-Commerce channels.

Made with hydrogel, it is designed to provide tight adhesion to even curved areas. Gold contained in the product helps add radiance and glow to the skin, and the small molecule collagen (11,900ppm) provides deep nourishment.



Snp Air Cool Sun Cream is a light sun cream that has a cooling formula that refreshes the skin and does not leave a white residue. Formulated with 70% moisturizing essence, it provides hydration with a light texture. The product also received a Skin Irritation PII of 0.00 with its low-irritant formula.

The product cream has a powerful sun-protection factor of 50 and contains aloe, which provides reliable protection to the skin and keeps irritated and sensitive skin moisturized. Also, a clinical study conducted proved that when used once, the sun cream helps lower skin temperature by approximately 4.8°C.



Mask Pack
Snp Cica Panthenol Sleeping Mask, containing Centella Asiatica extract, soothes skin irritated, dry, and saggy from ultraviolet rays, fine dust, and from wearing masks. The three types of collagen and adenosine that it contains keep the skin healthy, nourished, and elastic, and improve wrinkles.

Panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and glyceryl glucoside form a moisturizing film on the skin to replenish the moisture inside. This product is suitable for those with sensitive skin as it has been clinically tested as hypoallergenic.

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