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April 27, 2023
[INQ. NO. 2304C19] Dr. Stem Cell Perfecta is a highly concentrated ampoule is uniquely formulated with pea protein to provide essential nutrients that aid in skin recovery and revitalization. Its innovative syringe-type design ensures effi cient delivery, and its potent blend of ingredients works to transform the skin, promoting elasticity, radiance, and overall health.
This product harnesses the power of active substances naturally present in the skin, stimulating them to enhance skin elasticity and create a luminous complexion. Furthermore, the ampoule’s formula breaks down its active ingredients into smaller particles, which enhances absorption and delivers faster results.
At the core of this groundbreaking product are the highly concentrated nutrients from plant stem cell culture fluid.


This powerful ingredient penetrates deeply into the skin, nurturing a dense, fi rm, and elastic complexion that radiates health and vitality.
Moreover, the plant stem cell activator in Dr. Stem Cell Perfecta is a certifi ed ingredient, making it safe for use and off ering the benefi ts of plant-based stem cell activation. This extraordinary skincare product is truly a game-changer, providing unparalleled skin recovery and revitalization.
Experience the remarkable transformation of your skin with Dr. Stem Cell Perfecta, a revolutionary skincare ampoule that delivers essential nutrients and activates the skin’s natural processes for a radiant, healthy complexion.
Ga Young Cosmetic Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with the launch of Dr. CPU, a brand catering to aesthetic professionals. Through consistent investment in research and development at their corporate-affi liated laboratory, the company has created innovative products for various skin types and continues to expand its product line. Having acquired ISO14001 and ISO22716 certifi cations, Ga Young Cosmetic has laid the foundation for OEM & ODM services. As a result, the company is actively exporting its products to diverse markets, including Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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