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April 28, 2023[INQ. NO. 2304C25] Snow2plus, the fi rst commercialized microneedle patch made from magnesium which is indispensable bio absorptive metal in the human body, is a product that helps the absorption of active ingredients for skincare.
The microneedle in the patch is fi ner than a hair, and does not stimulate the hypodermic nociceptive nerve, which results in neither skin irritation nor pain. It enhances the convenience and effectiveness of its use through revolutionary improvement on its insufficient effect caused by diffi culties in permeation when using existing cosmetics.
Especially, the functional characteristics in moisturizing and protection distinguished from those in the existing hydrocolloid band patch deliver the product power of the magnesium patch itself to kill acne bacteria within a 6mm range from the patch.
In addition to this, the magnesium microcarrier helps the absorption of active ingredients to the dermal layer with the optimized needle length in 0.23mm to 0.27mm. This product brings improvement in the A.B.C of the skin – derma compactness, thickness, and wrinkles, by regenerating collagen through dermis stimulation and by anti-oxidization of hydrogen produced from the ionization of magnesium.


LABnPEOPLE has a number of production patents related to magnesium microneedle patches and is growing into a nextgeneration aesthetic company through continuous R&D conducted together with researchers with master’s and/or doctorate degrees, Samsung Medical Center, Republic of Korea University Anam Hospital, KTR, KGC and other renowned Korean hospitals and organizations.
Engaged in R&D of new biomaterials for more than 17 years, LABnPEOPLE’s research team, consisting of ISO/TC and ASTM experts, has secured the world’s highest level of expertise in the field of bioabsorbable alloys. They have developed the nextgeneration wearable patch, along with a technology to improve safety and drug delivery effi ciency to manufacture products using only essential minerals for the human body, while expanding contracts with Daewoong Pharmaceuticals as well as Shiseido. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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