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July 26, 2023 Liqueur
[INQ. NO. 2307C07] TINA LIQUEUR is a luxury liqueur made with ripe strawberries. Introduced in line with the recent preference for sweet low-alcohol drinks, the product, which has a 16-proof alcohol content, is enjoyable for both men and women.

It comes in a sophisticated and classy design, to break the stereotypes of the young consumers toward existing traditional liqueurs. And the LED lights attached to the bottom of the bottle can help liven up the atmosphere.


Unlike traditional imported liqueur, which had to be mixed together with other types of beverages, it is an RTD (Ready to drink) liqueur that is enjoyable on its own.

BiB (BAG IN BOX) is a product line upgraded from TINA LIQUEUR. It comes in large size of 3L and contains 30% alcohol. Along with the global trend of being more environmentally conscious, it also comes in a BAG IN BOX package, which leads to relatively lower carbon emissions.

It can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, such as at home, camping, travel, or at parties.

Just like TINA LIQUEUR, BiB is also made with ripe strawberries, and consumers can enjoy the sweetness of strawberries and their fragrance as well. With 30% alcohol by volume, the drink can be used to brew a highball or various types of cocktails. BiB is an eco-friendly and affordable drink that has all the advantages of the existing TINA LIQUEUR.
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