SJE’s steam cleaner is a leading brand in the world and is loaded with a CPU-integrated and fully automatic control system. A quintuple safety device is provided to enable users to use the steam cleaner safely. People can use the cleaner anytime and anywhere without restrictions.

Daeshin Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on August 15, 1997, and is operating two business divisions at present. The first division is the automobile business division, which is supplying products to Hyundai Motor Company since starting to mass-manufacture automobile parts (oil, pump housing, carrier, and knuckle) after building the automatic processing line in 2002 for the first time.

As a power base developer, Sangwon Intech has been leading the growth of Korean technology with its competitiveness specialized in lifting (up/down) systems based on power cylinder and screw jack systems. The company has developed a wide

SUNJINWELD CO., LTD. has been a professional welding machine manufacturer in Korea for more than 30 years.
It mainly produces Inverter CO2 welders, Inverter TIG welders, Inverter ARC welders, PLASMA cutters, S.C.R CO2 welders, and GOUGING, etc.

Seyang Mechatronics is specialized in producing products for process improvement devices such as air cooling devices, vortex system products based on compressed air (vortex tubes, vortex cool tools, vortex CNC coolers, vortex CNC mechanical thermostats, vortex air cool