he products of PIKAGOS, a premium bag manufacturer, feature unique designs, vibrant colors, special patterns, luxurious finish, top-ofthe- line quality leather, and meticulous inspection. They are created through the efforts of highly qualified craftsmen.
First introduced in the United States and Europe, PIKAGOS products have gone viral among trendsetters in

Longlast Beauty is a functional handmade soap made from natural materials. It removes dead skin cells and has cleansing, bathing, moisturizing, exfoliation, and atopy improvement effects. Excellent as a gift soap set, Longlast Beauty contains neither chemical surfactants, nor artificial

The Int’l Organic & Natural Trade Fair showcases products like the renowned trade fair organized by the Korea Organic Farming Association (KOFA), a leading association reputed for conducting similar successful shows in the recent past. Numerous pavilions containing Organic and Natural Products and various seminars will certainly increase the overall recognition of this trade event in the Organic & Natural industry.
The 17th Int’l Organic & Natural Trade Fair for Korea 2018 will provide opportunities for visitors to

Jejumam is a ham café that sells ham and sausage made from nonantibiotic black pork farmed on Jeju Island in Korea. It is also a brand name produced by Peacevillage, a social enterprise for the disabled, which has been established for the vocational rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities. It is also a meatprocessing company equipped with a food