ME;REAL Kimchi Snack, is a rice snack combining rice, which is the main raw material, with the hot taste of kimchi that is a traditional Korean food. It is appealing to customers who are fond of spicy tastes and also a relish suitable for various alcoholic drinks.
ME;REAL Black Garlic Snack is mainly made of rice and good for health as it is manufactured by ripening black garlic, one of the unique

Clip-in Hair Extensions is a hair extension that is twice thinner than the existing clip-on hair extensions. Thinnest of the currently available clip-on hair extensions, it does not feel thick when wearing it and give a rich hair look. In addition, it does not make the head look bigger when applied.
Hair extensions are in general used by attaching pieces of various sizes of hair extensions called “pieces”.

Cell +, produced by Purecell Korea Co., Ltd., is an ampoule for skin regeneration. A micro-needle stimulates the dermal layer of the skin finely to quickly advance the 28-day skin regeneration cycle. It is effective in treating freckles, pore shrinkage, blemishes, and for whitening and wrinkle improvement.
TOK + is a wrinkle-care product that is effective for reducing wrinkles around the

Agriculture Company Namul SaRang is engaged in farming with farmers to produce fresh, tincture, live, windblown, wormwood, rape and other products produced in spring. We are introducing herbs and herbs that are well-being foods to the world.
Blanched Shepherd’s Purse is produced by cleaning and freezing shepherd’ s purse harvested in February in a hygienic workshop. It can be thawed and enjoyed for miso soup to experience the unique flavor and taste of shepherd’s purse.
Blanched Aster is produced by cleaning and freezing aster harvested from April to June in a sanitary

The MGB-1100F is a large-capacity, automatic garbage collector that features excellent convenience and practicality. It is equipped with a UV stabilizer for preventing color change and an antistatic agent for suppressing the generation of static electricity. The patented lid lifting device opens the lid softly and seals the container when the pedal is depressed, thus solving the problems of odor and