Home & Table Deco Fair Seoul 2017

https://korean-products.com/inquiryThe Home Table Deco Fair will be held from December 14 to 17, 2017 at the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul, Korea. Home Table Deco fair brings the largest premium home-styling trends to the show floor and offers an opportunity to see a variety of luxurious brands. As a leading interiors show in Korea, 200,000 visitors have visited the show including those from Seoul, Busan, Daegu and Jeju.
The show will educate visitors about the latest global trends in home styling. This show will play an important role in helping the exhibitors’ to market their home-styling products and services among the visitors. Organized by Reed K. Fairs Ltd. CASA LIVING, Home Table Deco Fair 2017 will be a spectacular show, where the visitors can buy the products and services related to home styling being displayed in the show. The participating companies of the show can network among the visitors effectively.


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https://korean-products.com/inquiryInterCHARM BEAUTY EXPO KOREA will be held from November 23 to 25, 2017 at COEX in Seoul, Korea. This event showcases products including a comprehensive range and variety of equipment, products and services related to healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
The Korean beauty market has been steadily growing at a rate of 5% year-on-year and has become a primary platform for efficient marketing of the Korean beauty market. InterCHARM BEAUTY EXPO KOREA covers all sectors of the market from cosmetics, to raw materials, packaging, professional salon and others, displaying the whole manufacturing process. In order to maximize the success of the exhibition, one-on-one business-matching meetings will be held on November, 23 with over 70 international buyers to meet 400 manufacturers from over 10 countries showcasing their latest products and technologies. Buyers from all over the world will be able to source both goodquality products and cost-effective solutions.

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Korea International Furniture & Interior Fair

https://korean-products.com/inquiryThe Korea International Furniture & Interior Fair (KOFURN) will be held from August 30 to September 3, 2017 at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Goyang, Korea. Held by the Korea Federation of Furniture Industry Cooperatives (KFFIC), a nonprofit organization under the SME Administration, KOFURN is the largest furniture expo in the country. It aims at providing a platform for healthy competition among the many artists, designers, and manufacturers showcasing products such as wall & floor products, windows and doors products, blinds, lighting, indoor landscape architecture, floriculture decoration, indoor fountains, interior related-products, etc. in the architecture & designing, and furniture industries. Both Korean firms and international companies will be present.
Starting as the “International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition” and the “National Excellent Furniture Exhibition” in 1981, and the “Woodworking Machinery Exhibition,” also as a part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s export Industry development method for general merchandise industry, KOFURN has been held biennially from 1984 to 2002, and it is held every year since 2003, and it will be the 28th Fair in 2017.

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As One of the Global Top 10 Exhibition & Convention Centers, KINTEX Seeks a Brighter Future with High-Value Customers

Convention Centers,
KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) is Korea’s largest and newest international exhibition and convention venue as well as a joint investment among KOTRA, Gyeonggi provincial government and Goyang city, which was purpose-built to resolve the issues of event space shortage in Korea and to internationalize Korea’s exhibition industry.

The role of KINTEX is to serve as a trade marketing business venue for both leading local and overseas companies by attracting and developing world-class trade shows and conventions through its global and domestic marketing activities.

KINTEX’s new challenge to the world

By opening the second venue in 2011, KINTEX has grown into Asia’s leading exhibition and convention center boasting 108,556m2 in exhibition area. Korea’s top-tier exhibitions, including the Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show and the International Food Industry Exhibition, have become part of the success story of KINTEX. And by leading the co-location of similar exhibitions, KINTEX also plays a vital role in up-sizing Korea’s exhibition industry.

Convention Centers_2

Together with large halls that can accommodate 100,000 people at a time, KINTEX has been the venue of the Herbalife Extravaganza, Yuna Kim’s Gala show and many other global events, firmly underscoring its position as a strong competitor in the international events market.

Last year, KINTEX made a splendid achievement of attracting GASTECH 2014, one of the world’s three major international gas exhibitions and conventions. And KINTEX also attracted the 2016 Rotary Seoul International convention where a total of 56,000 visitors (including 29,000 foreign visitors) will be expected. Moving confidently into 2014, KINTEX is competing against global top exhibition and convention centers all over the world beyond Korea and the Asia region.

The best facility for any type of events

KINTEX has indoor exhibition space 15 times bigger than a football stadium, which is equivalent to around 41% of the total indoor exhibition space of all 12 exhibition centers in Korea. Pillar-less exhibition areas can be conveniently divided or integrated. Featuring a durable floor that withstands five tons of floorload, a 15m high ceiling and outdoor exhibition spaces, KINTEX is suitable for all kinds of events.

A variety of conference rooms provides the best environment for meetings. The second venue of KINTEX is designed to lead visitors to look around the entire hall on the second floor while opening the exit to the first floor also featuring an optimum environment for multi-purpose events.

Convention Centers_3
Beyond an exhibition and convention space

KINTEX is positioning itself as a multipurpose complex. Situated in an ideal location that can be reached within 30 minutes from Incheon International Airport and downtown Seoul, KINTEX complex accommodates all types of commercial facilities including department stores, shopping malls for visitors.

KINTEX is to become not only as the venue of the exhibition and convention industry but also a world-renowned arena of culture, entertainment and BTMICE that will provide enormous exciting entertainment contents to visitors. KINTEX will keep striving to make the venue a place that everybody takes pride in and the world pays close attention to.


▶Major Exhibitions in 2014

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2012 Exhibition in Korea

Photo & Imaging Show to Light up Seoul in April

PHOTO & IMAGING 2012, the biggest show of its kind in South Korea, will be held at COEX from April 26 to 29, offering participants and visitors a valuable opportunity to catch up with the latest
developments and trends in the global camera industry.

PHOTO & IMAGING is like a festival for professionals and amateurs alike and a marketing exhibit for buyers at the same time.


Photo-imaging 2012


Since it was launched in 1989, the exhibition has solidified its position as an important marketing platform for the photographic and imaging sector in Korea and abroad. Every year, the newest roducts and technologies are displayed, attracting a host of general visitors and trade visitors. According to the organizer’s statistics, as many as 70,654 people visited the 2011 show.

Reflecting its growing popularity, 160 exhibitors at 750 booths will participate in the PHOTO & IMAGING 2012, featuring up-to-date cameras, lenses, memory cards, photo printers and other related items as well as shooting materials such as lightings and studio set.

As photos and imaging takes root deeply in our daily lives as an important communication tool, digital cameras are becoming a basic home necessity these days, inducing global camera brands to fiercely compete to secure the markets. South Korea is no exception.

Largely led by the rising demand for high-end digital cameras and DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera), Korea is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and the number of camera users is constantly rising every year.

Reflecting the rising interest in the photographic and imaging business in the country, the organizers of PHOTO & IMAGING 2012 expect the upcoming show to attract 90,000 visitors, including trade visitors from around the world.


Photo-imaging 2012


During the show, various events such as the P&I Imaging Exhibition, Online Community Photo Exhibition, Digital Imaging Seminar, Vendor Seminar and so forth will be held to strengthen its reputation as an international exhibition.

Organized by COEX, the Korea Optical Industry Association and KPMA, P&I is the first in Korea to acquire the UFI (Union des Foires Internationales) certification.

It was selected as the Promising Exhibition by Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy for 10 consecutive years, and is one of the top three photo & imaging exhibitions in Asia.


Period: April 26th~29th, 2012
Venue: Coex A &B Halls, Seoul
Organized by: Coex, Korea Optical Industry Association
Exhibition Items:
Cameras, Lenses, Memory Cards, Photo printers, Shooting materials, Lightings, Studio set
Website: .photoshow.co.kr


Korea’s Renowned Food Fair Sharpens Appetites

SEOUL FOOD, the nation’s premier food expo, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Established in 1983, SEOUL FOOD has evolved with the food industry and it is positioned as Korea’s largest and most well-established event of its kind.

It is the only show to provide the very best environment for exhibitors to meet and do business with many influential professionals and buyers in the world’s food and food technology sector.

SEOUL FOOD 2012, running from May 8 to 11, will incorporate such diverse trade fairs as Seoul Food & Hotel, Seoul FoodTech, Korea Coffee Festival, Seoul Int’l Culinary Academy and Organic & Natural spanning all sectors of the food industry – the ultimate setting for exhibitors and trade visitors to meet face-to-face with highly qualified decisionmakers and grow their business
networks with professionals.


Seoul Food 2012


This year, 1,450 exhibitors at 2,850 booths with 50,000 professional visitors from Korea and abroad will be showcasing their newest food and equipment in the upcoming show, set to take place for a four-day spring time run in the exhibition area of 81,739 sqm at KINTEX.

With 29 years’ experience, SEOUL FOOD has a deep understanding of what exhibitors and visitors want from an exhibition.


Seoul Food 2012


In addition, the organizers have been striving to make this show a real one-stop platform for industry professionals to interact and exchange up-to-date information via the Buyer’s Guide, and the exhibition website, highlighting the features of the show in the run-up to the event, along with diverse programs designed to attract highquality exhibitors and professional visitors.

The every service and support that an exhibitor will receive is second to none and the organizers are on call to make sure the participants have a successful show.


Figures & Facts




Period: May 8 ~ 11, 2012
Organized by: KOTRA
Website: seoulfood.or.kr

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2012 Seoul Living Design Fair Preview

Reputed Living Trend Fair to Be Held in March Seoul Living Design Fair 2012 is due to take place at COEX in Seoul from March 7 to 11 for a five-day run. Under the theme of ‘Art Home,’ the upcoming show is going to showcase how the living art can add value to the living space as well as specially selected high-end interior items to maximize people’s comfort and convenience.

Since its inception in 1994, the exhibition has been strongly positioned as the most important platform to present up-to-date trends and future developments in Korea’s living interior industry. Over the course of 17 years the fair became most important meeting ground for the living industry’s buyers and consumers. Every year, average of 250 brands of domestic and international brands participate in Seoul Living Design Fair and more than 150,000 general and professional visitors regularly attend the annual living design festival to get an insight on the industry trends and novel ideas on living interior. This fact alone indicates that the Seoul Living Design fair is a solid business ground for the living industry in Korea.



In addition, visitors can experience diverse events and exhibitions, including Salon De Living Art and Designer’s Choice. The Salon De Living Art is a special section in the Seoul Living Design Fair. The section is dedicated to various luxury products and service industries. The space is collaboration between artists and brands to promote exclusive living style for the VIP’s in Korea. Salon De Living Art’s unique strategy has owned its reputation as one of the best VIP marketing environment provider in Korea. Especially to those who like to promote their highend products and service in Korean market among other luxury brands. Join us in the Salon De Living Art to experience what Korean market has to offer in the luxury market.

This year’s exhibition will bring together an extensive array of top-quality furniture, home fashion & knitted goods, interior accessories & crafts, along with globally recognized designers’ products.
Every year, more than 150,000 general and professional visitors regularly attend the annual living design festival to get an insight on the industry trends and novel ideas on living interior.


● 2012 Seoul Living Design Fair

  • Period: March 7th~11th, 2012
  • Venue: CoexHall A, Seoul
  • Organized by: Coex, DesignhouseInc.
  • Theme: Art Home
  • Exhibition Items: Total Interior &furniture , Digital Home Appliance, Fabrics, Home Textile, Tableware & Kitchen, Bath, Exterior, Lighting, Living Deco, Media & ETC, Gardening& Outdoor
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